9 Best LEP Flashlights [2023 Updated] Laser Lights Reviewed

Last Updated on September, 2023

LEP flashlights are not your run-of-the-mill LED flashlight. 

Beam distance is the point of reference when looking at Laser lights. The lighting technology of LEP flashlights produces a strong and efficient light. They have a beam distance which is usually better than LED flashlights. This is why so many people rave about these laser lights. 

So which are the BEST LEP flashlights in the market?

We have a list of the 9 BEST LEP flashlights with great features, including impressive beam distances. 

Hence without further ado, let’s dive into the nine best LEP flashlights in the market.

Editor’s Choice
Fenix HT30R
Beam distance






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Weltool W4 PRO
Beam distance






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Lumintop Thor 1
Beam distance






Overall Score


9 Best Laser Flashlights (LEP Flashlights)

Compared to all the LEP flashlights in the market, these 9, in particular, have features which landed them on our list. 

By the way LEP stands for Laser Excited Phosphor.

1. Fenix HT30R Laser Flashlight (Editor’s Choice)

One of the better white laser flashlights, the Fenix HT30R, has a Class 1 laser which emits broad-spectrum white light.

It has a beam capacity of 500 lumens and has an AMAZING throw distance. This is a bright light that has intense beam intensity. 

Weighing in at 9.31 ounces, the Fenix HT30R is excellent for long-range illumination. It has a throw distance of 4921 feet (1500m). This is just under a MILE!

The laser light creates a SUPERBLY focused spotlight beam. It has very little spillover light.

The flashlight has dual tail switches that are used to operate on/off and change between 3 lighting modes (high, low and strobe).

In high mode, this flashlight works with the brightness of 500 lumens and will for for 2 hours and 20 minutes. In low mode, the flashlight works on 100 lumens and has a maximum runtime of 7 hours 15 minutes.

The Fenix HT30R is rechargeable, and the USB-C port is revealed by twisting the head of the flashlight (how fancy is that.) It has a battery level indicator to show you when the battery on this flashlight is running low. 

Rated IP68 waterproof and dustproof, this is one DURABLE flashlight. This is an excellent choice of flashlight when EXTREMELY long distant illumination is needed. 

Read our complete review of Fenix HT30R.


  • Dual switch for easy use
  • Exceptional build quality; durable
  • Supreme throw
  • Charging port is protected
  • Rechargeable; you won’t need spare batteries


  • Does not always reach the claimed lumen spec

2. Weltool W4 PRO (#2nd Best Choice)

This is a very POWERFUL LEP flashlight that has a throw distance of 3712 yards. That is 11136 FEET or 3394 METERS!

That is more than 2 MILES of range (beam intensity)!

The light intensity has a maximum output of 2,882,000 candelas and a brightness of 568 lumens on high mode, with a maximum runtime of 1 hour.

This is one of the BRIGHTEST laser flashlights on the market.

In low mode, this flashlight works with a brightness of 210 lumens and has a maximum runtime of 4 hours and 30 minutes!

The flashlight runs on a 21700 lithium-ion battery allowing for recharging. 

It has an IP67 waterproof rating, which means you won’t have to worry about getting this flashlight wet. 

If you are in the market for something with a spectacular range, this is the best laser flashlight for you!


  • Maximum runtime of 4 hours and 30 minutes on low mode
  • Great build quality with IP67 waterproof
  • More than 2 MILES of range
  • Rechargeable battery allowing for continued use
  • Easy to use modes and interface


  • More Runtime on Low could have been better

3. Lumintop Thor 1 (#3rd Best Choice)

The Lumintop Thor 1 has a beam distance of 1312 yards. Typically, this is GREAT throw distance for a flashlight that you are going to be using for pointing at things that are REALLY far away! (Over 0.6 miles away.)

This flashlight, similar to most other LEPs has two modes which makes it straightforward to use. highest mode works with the brightness of 400 lumens and has a maximum runtime of 50 mins. On the lowest mode, the flashlight works on 40 lumens with a maximum runtime of 1h 45mins!

Though the ones above will provide a better throw plus runtime, the Limuntop Thor 1 is a quality LEP flashlight. Here’s why. 

This flashlight has a beam intensity of 342,000 candelas. It has a hard anodized finish and is rated IPX8 waterproof. (Can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water.)

What’s even better, this flashlight is impact resistant and has proven successful on a 1-meter drop test. 

The Limintop Thor 1 is a DURABLE and HARDY LEP flashlight with an exciting throw distance, which is why it made our list!


  • Exceptional build quality
  • Durable and hardy design for rough use
  • 1 meter impact resistance
  • 16 hours of runtime on low mode


  • The build of the tailcap is a little bulky, that makes the light bottom heavy

4. Astrolux® WP3 

The Astrolux WP3 has some impressive specifications. If you love pointing at things far away at night, this flashlight will most certainly serve the purpose. 

With a beam intensity of 2180000 candelas this flashlight is really bright. It has a throw distance of 1.6 miles with a brightness of 562 lumens.

With this much reach, this flashlight would really work to enhance distance viewing at night. 

This is a quality flashlight with an IPX6 waterproof rating. It can also withstand a 1.5-meter drop. (Impact-Resistant.)

Four modes are present in the Astrolux WP3, the highest one as already mentioned has a max brightness of 562 lumens, the runtime is exactly one hour. Low on the other hand caps at 95 lumens and runs for 240 mins.

These are good numbers, and when you factor in the strobe, that makes it a good all round light. 

It would be wrong of you to assume this to be a weak spotlight. This flashlight could prove to be an excellent addition for hunting in the dark. Regardless of whether you use pistols, rifles or other firearms (anything with a Picatinny rail), you can use this flashlight alongside it to spot that night kill.

It uses one 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has a high-quality drive circuit with temperature control. (That’s right, your flashlight won’t get too hot due to beam intensity.) 

You can learn more about this flashlight here in this review.


  • Gun mountable, making it easy to use with a gun
  • Lightweight but strong design; exceptional build quality
  • Easy to use modes of operation
  • Rechargeable battery allowing for continued use


  • The highest mode and the medium mode are both kinda the same

5. Nitecore P35i 

The Nitecore P35i is yet another excellent LEP light with advanced specifications. 

Have you ever heard of laser light combos? Well, this is a laser light combo. It uses a combination of both LED and LEP lighting. 

This laser light combo comes with three modes, including both a spotlight functionality and flood light capability. This is a compact flashlight with 3000 lumens of max output.

The spotlight can reach a distance of up to 1804 yards. That is 1650 meters (1 mile!)

When it comes to laser light combos, this one takes the top prize. A flashlight that is a laser light combo increases functionality. You can use it for more than one thing. 

Made with aircraft grade aluminum, this laser light combo is STRONG (one of the strongest laser light combos in the market.)

It has an IP68 waterproof rating, which means water won’t damage this flashlight. 

When it comes to laser light combos, the Nitecore P35i is an impressive one, which is why it made our list of the BEST! If you are on the hunt for a laser light combo with greater functionality, then this could be your choice of flashlight!

One of the best laser light combos around!


  • Spotlight reaches over a mile in distance
  • Made with aircraft grade aluminum (strong)
  • Rechargeable battery not requiring you to carry spare batteries
  • Waterproof rated IP68


  • USB cover doesn’t secure well and opens too easily

6. FENIX TK30 Laser Flashlight

The Fenix TK30 is a BRILLIANT white laser flashlight. It is one of the better white laser flashlights around. 

With a maximum lumen output of 500 lumens, this Class 1 laser will throw light up to 3937 feet or 1200 meters. That is over 0.5 miles of range!

Compared to traditional standard LED flashlights, the Fenix TK30 produces a focused spotlight beam with little spillover light. 

Two switches operate this great tactical flashlight; a tail switch to turn it off and on and a button on the side to choose between 3 lighting modes.

The mode you choose will define how far and how bright the light is shone.

The flashlight comes with a battery level indicator, so you know when you recharge your flashlight. 

It is rated IP68, waterproof and dustproof.

It is made for tactical applications where distance is a priority. 

You can learn more about Fenix TK30 here.


  • Over half a mile of beam distance
  • Two switches for easy operation
  • Tail switch with three modes of lighting
  • Battery level indicator will tell you when to recharge
  • Waterproof rated IP68


  • Short runtime

7. Lumintop Ant Man Thor Mini 

The Lumintop Ant Man Thor Mini is a tiny but mighty LEP flashlight. The white light emitted from this flashlight is BRILLIANT!

Though this is not a laser light combo and only works as a spot or throw light, compared to other LEP flashlights, the size of this flashlight makes all the difference. 

With just one mode, the Ant Man Thor Mini emits 165 lumens and runs for an hour. Those are not gonna blow anyone’s socks off, but for the size it’s not bad. 

At only 100mm (3inches) long, this flashlight will go right into your pocket!

Made of Aluminum, the Lumintop Ant Man Thor Mini flashlight is rated IP68 waterproof. It has a beam intensity of 87025 candelas and has a maximum beam distance of 590 meters. That’s impressive for a light of this size. 

It uses a 14500 lithium-ion RECHARGEABLE battery and that is what produces these numbers. 

Though this flashlight doesn’t have the GREATEST beam distance, it is still an excellent LITTLE LEP light.

It is a RELIABLE light source which emits white light like a featherless arrow through the dark. 


  • Simple two modes of operation
  • Good beam distance and beam profile
  • Lightweight and strong build, made of high grade aluminum
  • Rechargeable, allowing for continued use


  • Not many accessories other than pocket clip

8. Amutorch BT35 

This flashlight is specially made for use with firearms with a Picatinny rail. It has a tactical ring attached to the body, making it perfect for use with a pistol.

Regardless of whether you use pistols, rifles or other firearms (with a Picatinny rail), this flashlight will work to shoot 1371 meters of light in the direction you need with 370 lumens of brightness!

This flashlight has two modes. In high mode, the flashlight works on a brightness of 370 lumens with a maximum runtime of 1 hour 20 minutes. 

This is a great little flashlight perfect for hunting. Hunters can use the exceptional white light from this LEP flashlight to spot and focus on prey while using their guns for hunting them down!

This is a quality flashlight; you can carry it in your pocket if you like. 

If you are a hunter, you won’t go wrong with choosing this LEP flashlight. Though this isn’t a laser light combo, it has an excellent beam profile making it the perfect fit for hunting. 


  • Simple user interface and modes
  • Gun mountable, allowing you to use with a weapon
  • 1371 meters of beam distance


  • Lower lumen count

9. Nealsgadgets LEP Laser 

Last on our list of the best LEP flashlights is the Nealsgadgets LEP Laser flashlight. Don’t let the last position fool you; this is an AMAZING LEP flashlight compared to other laser lights in the market. 

This flashlight only has one mode at 450 lumens with a maximum runtime of 2 hours!

For the size of this flashlight, it has an AMAZING throw distance. At only 172 mm in length, the flashlight can emit light reaching 1800 meters. That is almost 1 mile of range!

This is a long-range LEP flashlight. Perfect for long-range shooting and hunting.

The white laser emitted has excellent beam intensity and brightness. Flashlights with manufacturer’s specs such as this target factors such as durability and compatibility. 

It is compatible with various firearms and can be used for hunting. (Compatible.)


  • 1800 meters of beam distance
  • Strong yet lightweight design with great grip
  • Simple user interface and modes of operation
  • Rechargeable, allowing for continued use


  • No lockout mode

What is an LEP Flashlight?

a human using a lep flashlight

LEP flashlights are better understood as Laser Excited Phosphor flashlights, which emit a spot of light to great distances. LEP flashlights often have a beam distance of 0.2 miles or more!

They come in a range of laser colors. The green laser light is used explicitly for stargazing and pinpointing stars at night. (Green laser is my favorite.)

Some LEP flashlights come as stand-alone laser lights (spotlights), while others are laser light combos (spotlight and flood light). The best laser light combos offer both LED brightness and LEP beam distance.

The most popular amongst LEP flashlights are the white laser lights. The white laser lights work for any general purpose and emit a beautiful ray of light to view spots far away.

The lumen output will define the brightness of the light, while the beam distance will dictate how far the light can reach. 

These lights are often bright and are powered by a battery that is usually rechargeable. They are often made with strong materials like aluminum, making them durable. 

The features will vary from model to brand; hence always check the manufacturer’s specs before purchase.

Checkout this guide, if you want to know the difference between a flashlight and a laser.

How Do LEP Flashlights Work?

Here’s the science. 

LEP flashlights use excited Phosphor to create the laser-focused spectrum of light. 

The process involves the emitting of a blue laser through a focused lens. 

When the laser hits the Phosphor element, which is backed by a metal substrate, the laser is then reflected, converting the beam into a broad-spectrum light. 

Benefits of LEP Flashlights

LEP flashlights work exceptionally well as tactical flashlights that could be used for various purposes. You could use an LEP flashlight to blind enemies or scatter wildlife. 

In comparison to LED flashlights, LEP flashlights have the added benefit of being able to focus the light to great distances. The mode that you choose will define the spectrum of light produced. 

Flashlights are tools intended to help you see in the dark. The LEP flashlight’s power allows you to see in the dark and focus light on a specific spot even miles away. 

If the beam distance isn’t sufficient, you can upgrade the flashlight for more money leading to a better flashlight with EVEN better range!

Uses of LEP Flashlights

If you need a bright light to see into great distances, then you need an LEP flashlight. The primary use of an LEP flashlight is to create a bright spot of light that can travel great distances to illuminate a specific area. 

It has a use in hunting. The spotlight created by an LEP flashlight allows you to target prey great distances away. Some LEP flashlights are so small that you can hold the flashlight in one hand and shoot with the other. (Especially if you choose to shoot with a pistol.)

The compact and durable nature of these LEP flashlights makes them perfect for tactical use. Some of the smaller, compact flashlights can be kept in a pocket and used in case of emergency for self-defense (you can easily temporarily blind someone with one of these lights.)

These LEP flashlights have varying modes, and these modes can be used for various purposes. 

The best laser light combos will have both floodlight and spotlight modes. This means you can either illuminate the area before you or concentrate the light on a specific spot in the distance. (The Nitecore P35i is considered one of the best laser light combos)

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Laser Flashlight?

a human holding a lep flashlight

Before you go out and purchase an LEP flashlight, you should do your research to find the best flashlight that matches your requirement. 

Maybe you need a laser combo flashlight that has both LED and LEP functionality. Otherwise, you may prefer a flashlight that you can easily carry around (pocketable.)

You need to understand the DURABILITY of the flashlight and consider things such as water resistance and impact resistance. The best LEP flashlight will have both. 

If you are looking for an LEP flashlight for a specific purpose, such as hunting, you need to find something like the Amutorch BT35, which is better suited for hunting. 

The power of the flashlight is another thing you need to consider. Does the flashlight come with accessories? What are the batteries used to power the flashlight?

Batteries are a very important aspect of choosing a flashlight. Make sure the batteries are RECHARGEABLE, and the runtime is good enough for your specific purpose. 

Final Thoughts

An LEP flashlight can focus light onto a spot miles ahead of you.

LEP flashlights emit an intense light which can discourage attackers by disorienting them optically. Hence it works well as a self-defense weapon. They are mainly used as a daily carry item and can even be fitted to a pistol to illuminate a target.

Regardless of why you need an LEP flashlight, our list of the best nine surely should help. We went through ALL the LEP flashlights in the market to bring you our pick of the BEST NINE! The Fenix HT30R Laser Flashlight in particular is impressive and has the best features making it the best pick!

You won’t go wrong with choosing an LEP flashlight from our list!


Yes, LEP flashlights are well-suited for hunting.

Yes, waterproofing is essential when selecting a laser flashlight, as it ensures its durability.

The beam distance of a laser flashlight is important as it determines the maximum distance of the light emitted from the flashlight.

Fenix HT30R
Beam distance






Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Dual switch for easy use
Exceptional build quality; durable
Supreme throw
Charging port is protected
Rechargeable; you won’t need spare batteries
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of September
Does not always reach the claimed lumen spec

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